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Product Introduction
Designed to improve the efficiency, and safety of drill floor operations, power tongs are essential tools in the oil and gas industry. They are large-capacity, self-locking wrenches used for applying torque, and gripping drill string components.

The torque needed to make up the casing thread is monitored, and controlled in order to ensure that the casing thread does not leak. It makes a rotating motion when breaking out, or making up casings, tubings, drill pipes, and other pipes. The make-up torque ratings rely on casing size, grade, metallurgy, weight, and the thread compound friction factor being utilized.


Power tongs are generally classified into four types:

Casing Tongs: Casing power tongs are used to make or break casing tubulars placed in the drill hole in order to maintain the opening of the well. They come in a variety of sizes that measure anywhere from 5 ½ feet to 36 feet, and are designed to deal with lightweight, or high torque casing. Casing tongs are also available in a variety of models, with torques ranging from 15,000 to 200,000 foot-pounds. Consistent operations among the different models minimize the need for employee training.

Tubing Tongs: The main purpose of tubing power tongs is to run tubulars in order to extract oil and gas from reservoirs. Ruggedly designed, they provide steady, and reliable performance, even at higher torques. Like casing tongs, they also come in a variety of models depending on your torque specifications.

Drill Pipe Tongs: Drill pipe power tongs form drill strings by screwing together drill pipe, and industrial tubular used for drilling into the ground. These tongs are effective at lowering drill time, and reducing costs. Designed for safe, and quick make-up, they come in sizes 2.36 to 10 inches, and include a variety of models.

Riser Tongs: Risers are similar to pipelines in that they are conduits that move materials from the blowout preventer, located on the seafloor, to a drilling rig or floating production structure. Like flowlines, drilling risers transfer mud during the drilling stages while production risers carry over production materials, and hydrocarbons. Manufacturers of premium pipes have created threaded risers that are sealable, fatigue-resistant, and high-pressure– ideal for deep-water drilling.


Meet the API7K requirements

●With advanced clamping mechanism, the clamping performance is reliable

●This hydraulic power pliers is an open type power pliers used for loading and unloading tubing threads in oil field workover operations

●Capable of handling tubular sizes from 2 1/16" to as large as 26" in diameter

●Provides maximum torque values ranging from 20,000 ft-lbs to 80,000 ft-lbs, depending on power tong model

●Open throat design combined with high-speed operations allows for both ease and speed in tubular handling

●Safety features to help prevent incidents and equipment damage

●Safety door on open throat

●Automatic Shutdown

●Throttle Lockout Device

●Driven by two-speed gear train

Technical Data

MODELS5 1/2"7 5/8"10 3/4"13 3/4"16"20"24"26"
Capacity (OD)2 1/16" to 7"2 1/16" to 7 5/8"4" to 10 3/4"4" to 13 5/8"4 1/2" to 16"8 5/8" to 20"10 3/4" to 24"10 3/4" to 26"
Approx Weight12501450200017001900360044004500
Max Torque20-25,00025,00035,00055,00066,00065,00065,00080,000
Torque to Weight Ratio20:0117.2:117.5:132.3:134.7:118.1:114.8:117.7:1
Pressure @Max Torque25002500250025002500250025002500
High Gear RPM @ 55 GPM55 RPM55 RPM36 RPM55 RPM40 RPM42 RPM28 RPM18.5 RPM

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