Swivel Joint

Swivel Joint

Wellhead&Well Control Equipment

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Product Introduction
Swivel Joint is installed directly below the rope socket to provide rotation of the tool string thereby there by preventing wireline twist or 'nesting' when used in conjunction with braided line. It incorporates Heavy-Duty Thrust Bearings for durability and reliability.

Finemade can supply various models of swivel joints and their repair kits. They are available, suitable for normal or low temperature, or H2S environments, with sizes ranging from 1" to 4" and rated WP ranging from 2,000psi ~ 20,000psi.

Finemade provides long and short radius swivel joints. Long radius swivel joints can minimize fluid shock, and has better performance of resistance for scouring and erosion. Short radius swivel joints are used for low pressure operation due to limited installation space.

Technical Data

DescriptionSpecificationModelEnd Connection
Short radius swivel joints1''x3500psi(25Mpa)Style 10,50
1"-1/2x6000psi(42Mpa)Style 10,50 LP Female Thread
1"-1/2x10000psi(70Mpa)Style 10,50 LP Female Thread
2"x6000psi(42Mpa)Style 10,50 LP Female Thread
2"x10000psi(70Mpa)Style 10,50
1-1/2" Long radius swivel joints 1"-1/2x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 10 LP Female
1"-1/2x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 50 LP Female
2"Long radius swivel joints 2"x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 10,20,50 LP or TBG Female
2"x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 10,50 MxF (Tr100x12.7)
2"x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 10,50 MxF (Tr100x12)
2"x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 10,50,80,100 MxF, MxM, FxF
2"x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 20,30,60 MxF (Tr/America) MxM
2"x15000psi(105Mpa) Style 10,50,80,100 MxF, MxM, FxF
2"x15000psi(105Mpa) Style 20,30,60 MxF (Tr/America) MxM
2"x20000psi(140Mpa) Style 10,50 MxF, MxM
3"Long radius swivel joints 3"x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 20,50 Lp or TBG Female
3"x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 10,50,80,100 MxF, MxM, FxF
3"x10000psi(70Mpa) Style 20,30,60 MxF, (Tr/America) MxM
3"x15000psi(105Mpa) Style 10,50,80,100 MxF, MxM, FxF
3"x15000psi(105Mpa) Style 20,30,60 MxF, MxM
3"x20000psi(140Mpa) Style 10,50 MxF, MxM
4"Long radius swivel joints 4"x6000psi(42Mpa) Style 10,50 MxF, MxM, FxF
4"10000psi(70Mpa) Style 10,50 MxF, MxM, FxF

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