Integral Pup Joints

Integral Pup Joints

Wellhead&Well Control Equipment

wellhead, high pressure fluid

Product Introduction
Integral pup joints are designed and manufactured for transporting high pressure fluid. With union connections on both ends they are widely used for oilfield operations such as cementing, fracturing, acidizing, and testing.

Integral pup joints supplied by Finemade are manufactured with high strength materials through a special toughening process. With reliable acme threaded connection it is easy, fast and convenient to take apart. The design of multiple seal and high precision ensures the high sealing performance of our Integral pup joints.

Technical Data

Rated Working Pressure6,000 psi~20,000 psi
Nominal Size1 1/2″, 2″, 3″, 4″
Temperature Rating-29℃~121℃(PU), -46℃~121℃ (LU)
Working Mediumoil, natural gas, gas containing H2S,CO
ApplicationFracturing, Cementing, Acidizing, Testing Lines
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