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Product Introduction
Handling Tools play a major part in any modern drilling operation. They are used for suspending, moving and rotating tubulars in and around the well center and on the drill floor.

Although the majority of these tools are used to dynamically suspend and move tubulars in a vertical direction, some tools, such as the elevator, serve a wider array of function by moving tubulars from horizontal to vertical position.

Finemade offers:

1. Elevators

2. Spiders

3. Elevators and Spiders

4. Safety clamps

5. Slips

6. Manual Tongs

7. Bowls and Bushings

8. Spinning Wrenches and Kelly Spinners

9. Casing Lifters

10. Fast Clamps

11. Stabbing Guides

12. Elevator Links

1. Elevators

These elevators are the ideal tools for casing, screen, pump pulling and setting.

They are made of bent sheets of steel, having a rugged rapid pin fastener with safety shield, stranded cable eye to eye wire rope bails.

Light weight (from 5 Ton to 10 Tons capacity)

Sizes available: 1 " - 2 " - 3 " - 4 " - 5" - 5 " - 6 " - 8 " - 10 " - 12 ".

Heavy duty (from 20 Ton to 50 Tons capacity)

Sizes available: 6 " - 8 " - 10 " - 12 " - 14" - 16" - 18" - 20" - 22" - 24".

Custom sizes are satisfied upon request.

"Side-Door" and "Center-latch" elevators are available to handle drill pipes, drill collars and casings, capacity from 50 to 350 tons.

2. Spiders

All spiders are designed for heavy to medium duty use, and are made of alloy steel and heat treated for strength and wear resistance.

-3 1/2" TS-100 Tubing Spiders

-4 1/2" TS-100 Tubing Spiders

-5 1/2" TS-100 Tubing Spiders are quality, heat-treated steel construction capacity rated to API specifications

-Dual Spiders

-8 5/8” API Bowls

-200 Ton Hinge Casing Spiders

-Reducing Bushings

-125 Ton Type C Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tubing Spiders

-175 Ton Type E Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tubing Spiders

3. Elevators and Spiders

Elevator and spider are designed and manufactured according to API SPEC 8A/8C Specification for drilling and production hoisting equipment. Slip action is controlled by a conveniently positioned pneumatic control valve or by simple manual operation. All pneumatically controlled units operate by utilizing the rig air supply. For maximum crew safety the system may be manually operated if rig air pressure is temporarily lost. Further safety is ensured by a positive locking mechanism that locks slips in the set position. The elevators utilize both a bottom guide and a bell guide to simplify stabbing. A top guide on spiders helps to centralize casing.

ModelRotary Table Size inRated Capacity (short tons)WP PSIMax. Pressure PSI
SE350 (14)4~1435085-114142
SE350 (20)16~2035085-114142
SE500 (14)4~1450085-114142
SE500 (24-1/2)16-24-1/250085-114142

4. Safety Clamps

Safety clamps are designed to hold flush joint tubular or other slick tools safely and prevent the dropping of strings (tubing, drill collar etc.) into well. The T and C sizes range from 1.1/8"-15.5/8" with the ease of adding or removing of links.


Type C Safety Clamps

Type T Safety Clamps

Type MP Safety Clamps

5. Slips


DU Rotary Slips

SDU Rotary Slips

SDXL and SDML Rotary Slips

Type B Long Woolley Rotary Slip

Type XL Woolley Rotary Slip

LD Type 1000 Ton Rotary Slip

LDXL Type 1000 Ton Rotary Slip

XP-1000 Ton Rotary Slip

CMS-XL Casing Slip

CMS-3 Casing Slip

UC-3 Casing Slips

DCS Drill Collar Slips

C-1 Drill Collar Slips

Type A Drill Collar Slips

6. Manual Tongs












Manual Tongs are tools designed for making up and breaking connections of tubular goods, from light tubing to thick walled pipe including drill collars. These are in various designs and types having varying torque capacity from 2,000 to 100,000 ft lbs (2,700-1,35,600Nm). Covering sizes from 2 3/8" to 17" or 36" (HT50 with extended reach). The Manual tongs can be assembled for either making up or break out by removing the hanger and turning the complete HT Tong over.Interchangeable lug jaw design permits each tong to handle different sizes of tubing's and pipe per torque range. Bigger pipe sizes can be handled by installing hinge jaws which is available in only some of the models. Finemade Manual tongs are precisely machined from a properly heat treated special high tensile steel alloy.

7. Bowls and Bushings

Master bushings are offered in 27-1/2" and 37-1/2". The pin drive allows the Kelly bushing to ride on top of the rotary table and permits extended bowls to be used for better slip backup. Better slip backup means heavier strings can be run without the danger of bottlenecking and gouging.Casing bushings are offered in 20" for CUL bushing and 20" through 30" for CB bushing for National, Oilwell, Ideco, Emsco, Wirth and Gardner - Denver.

The number 1, 2 and 3 insert bowls are also offered to fit inside of the master bushing. The number 3 insert bowl has a range of 2-3/8" through 8-5/8", the number 2 bowl has a range of 9-5/8" ? 10-3/4" and the number 1 bowl has a range of 11-3/4" ? 13-3/8". These insert bowls are quality heat - treated steel construction and are manufactured to API specifications.

8. Spinning Wrenches and Kelly Spinners

Spinning wrenches and kelly spinners are used to spin and torque drill pipe and collars and to make up kelly connections.

Finemade stocks a wide range of spinning wrenches and kelly spinners, all of which are API Certified. Finemade also provides the hydraulic power units used to power these tools.

Best Selling Types:

SSW10 pneumatic spinning wrenches (for 3-1/2” to 5-1/2” pipe)

SSW30 hydraulic spinning wrenches (for 2-7/8” to 9-1/2” pipe)

SSW40 pneumatic spinning wrenches (for 3-1/2” to 9-1/2” pipe)

KS6600 pneumatic kelly spinners

KS6800 hydraulic kelly spinners

9. Casing Lifters

from 4 ½” to 24” Casings

The Casing Lifter is a completely mechanical device employed to lift flush joint casing from the internal.

It has an internal spring which forces the slips to the casing wall when the hook located under and to the side of the main bail is unlatched.

Likewise, when the hook is manually latched to the small bail it holds the lifter in the released position.

Reccomended lifting capacity: 15 TON

With a conversion Kit you can convert your casing lifter from 4 ½ to 24”

10. Fast Clamps

Fast clamps are manual tools made to hold the riser columns on the wells during installation or maintenance of submersible pump.By using the interchangeable jaws it is possible to tighten and to hold pipes in steel or plastic material in the following diameters:

1" - 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" - 2" - 2 1/2" - 3" - 4"

High holding capability with load tests over 3000 kg.

11. Stabbing Guides

The Stabbing Guides are tools employed to protect the threads during pipes manouvring.

Made of sturdy Buna-N rubber and inox steel with a quick regulation hinge.

-for Tubings from 1" to 4 1/2"

-for Casing from 4 1/2" to 20"

-for Conductor Pipe upto 30"

12. Elevator Links (Bails)

Elevator Links are commonly used to hang elevators from top drive systems, hooks, beckets and link adapters. Elevator Links (Bails) need to perform daily under high loads in harsh environments. Forged in one piece from a special high grade alloy steel, our Elevator Links get their maximum tensile strength.

Produced in accordance to API 8C.

Load capacity 150 up to 1500 tons.

Maximum lenght 720"

Special eyes, lengths and combinations available on request

All Elevator Links have type approvals from either ABS, DnV and/or GL.

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