Wellhead&Well Control Equipment

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Product Introduction
Choke & Kill Manifold belongs to well control equipment. It is used to control well pressure. While drilling the well, choke and kill manifold is connected to BOP. It can adjust the flow rate of fluid by adjusting the gate valve or the choke valve. It can adjust the pressure between the bit pressure and the casing. They are also the tools used for the balance-drilling or the unbalance-drilling. If well blowout or kick occurs in the drilling process, the pressure can be reduced by opening the choke manifold in the side or the gate valve in the middle. Through the kill manifold the drilling mud can be pumped into the well to control the well pressure and avoid the blowout and kick.


Choke Manifold

Control pressure to prevent overflow and blowout.

Reduce wellhead casing pressure by relief function of choke valve.

Full-bore and two-way metal seal

Choke bean features hard alloy inside, delivering high resistance to erosion and corrosion.

The relief valve helps to reduce casing pressure and protect BOP.

Configuration type: single-wing, double-wing, multiple-wing or riser manifold

Control type: manual, hydraulic, RTU

Kill Manifold

Kill manifold is mainly used to kill well, prevent fire and assist in fire extinction.

Choke & Kill Manifold specification

Rated working pressure2,000 psi- 15,000 psi
Bore size2 1/16" ~ 4 1/16"
Temperature ratingP-U (-29~121℃),L-U (-45~121℃)
Material GradeDD, EE, FF, HH
Working MediumCrude oil (gas), mud, drilling fluid, gas (H2S)
Manufacturing LevelPSL2, PSL3, PSL3G, PSL4
StandardsAPI SPEC 6A , API SPEC 16C, NACE MR-0175
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