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Product Introduction
Drill pipe is hollow, thick-walled piping that transmits drilling fluid and torque through the wellbore to the drill bit on a drilling rig. It is manufactured to withstand severe internal and external pressure, distortion, bending, and vibration as it both rotates and lifts the bottom hole assembly (BHA). Drill pipe is threaded on each end in a section of pipe referred to as the tool joint. It is manufactured, sampled, tested, and inspected in accordance with standard specifications such as the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Finemade provides conventional drilling tools covering all API standard sizes and grades and also a variety of special products and high-end products to meet customers' diversified and personalized needs, through independent research and development. With the increased performance requirements of deep wells, horizontal wells, extended reach wells, sulfur environment and low temperature environment to drill pipes, API standard drill pipes can no longer meet customer needs. Therefore, Finemade has developed a series of special drill pipe including super high-strength drill pipe (under Heavy Weight Drill Pipe), sour service drill pipe (under Heavy Weight Drill Pipe), arctic service drill pipe, efficient cuttings bed clean drill pipe which remove both inclined and horizontal well debris, deep-water landing drill pipe to meet the high performance requirements of offshore drilling. For connecting drill pipes, the double-shouldered super high torque special buckle series (DS, IDS, MT, ST) provides higher mechanical performance and convenient drilling operation.


Drill Pipe

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe(HWDP)

Special Tool Joint Series

Sour Service Drill Pipe

Sour Service HWDP

Super High-Strength Drill Pipe

Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe(HLADP)

Non-slip-cut(NSC) Drill Pipe

Slip-protected Drill Pipe

Efficient Cuttings Bed Clean Drill Tool

Offshore Casing Landing Pipe

Flush-hole Drill Pipe

Double-walled Drill Pipe

Arctic Service Drill Pipe

HDD Drill Pipe


●High strength drill pipe enables you to drill deeper and step out further.

●Higher strength pipe allows you to reduce drill stem weight, reducing torque and drag.

●High strength drill pipe is more economical than aluminum or titanium alternatives.

●Reduced wall thickness opens pipe I.D., providing improved hydraulics.

●Compared to API S-135, over 22% stronger with no loss of toughness.

●Steel is a proven technology.

Technical Data

PipeTool Joint
Size OD, Nominal Weight, Upset TypeGradeWall Thickness, ID, Connection TypeOD, ID, Pin Tong Space*, Box Tong Space*,
2-3/86.65 EUE-750.280 1.815NC263-3/81-3/4910
X-950.280 1.815NC263-3/81-3/4910
G-1050.280 1.815NC263-5/81-3/4910
S-1350.280 1.815NC264-1/81-3/4910
2-7/810.40 EUE-750.362 2.151NC314-1/82-1/8911
X-950.362 2.151NC314-1/82911
G-1050.362 2.151NC314-1/82911
S-1350.362 2.151NC314-3/81-5/8911
3-1/213.30 EUE-750.368 2.764NC384-3/42-11/161012-1/2
X-950.368 2.764NC3852-9/161012-1/2
G-1050.368 2.764NC3852-7/161012-1/2
S-1350.368 2.764NC3852-1/81012-1/2
15.50 EUE-750.449 2.602NC3852-9/161012-1/2
X-950.449 2.602NC3852-7/161012-1/2
G-1050.449 2.602NC3852-1/81012-1/2
S-1350.449 2.602NC405-1/22-1/4912
414.00 IUE-750.330 3.34NC405-1/42-13/16912
X-950.330 3.34NC405-1/42-11/16912
G-1050.330 3.34NC405-1/22-7/16912
S-1350.330 3.34NC405-1/22-7/16912
EUE-750.330 3.34NC4663-1/4912
X-950.330 3.34NC4663-1/4912
G-1050.330 3.34NC4663-1/4912
S-1350.330 3.34NC4663912
15.70 IUE-750.380 3.24NC405-1/42-11/16912
X-950.380 3.24NC405-1/42-7/16912
G-1050.380 3.24NC405-1/22-7/16912
S-1350.380 3.24NC405-1/22912
EUE-750.380 3.24NC4663-1/4912
X-950.380 3.24NC4663-1/4912
G-1050.380 3.24NC4663-1/4912
S-1350.380 3.24NC4663912
4-1/216.60 IEUE-750.337 3.826NC466-1/43912
X-950.337 3.826NC466-1/43-1/4912
G-1050.337 3.826NC466-1/43912
S-1350.337 3.826NC466-1/42-3/4912
EUE-750.337 3.826NC506-5/83-3/4912
X-950.337 3.826NC506-5/83-3/4912
G-1050.337 3.826NC506-5/83-3/4912
S-1350.337 3.826NC506-5/83-1/2912
20.00 IEUE-750.430 3.64NC466-1/43912
X-950.430 3.64NC466-1/42-3/4912
G-1050.430 3.64NC466-1/42-1/2912
S-1350.430 3.64NC466-1/42-1/4912
EUE-750.430 3.64NC506-5/83-5/8912
X-950.430 3.64NC506-5/83-1/2912
G-1050.430 3.64NC506-5/83-1/2912
S-1350.430 3.64NC506-5/83912
519.50 IEUE-750.362 4.276NC506-5/83-3/4912
X-950.362 4.276NC506-5/83-1/2912
G-1050.362 4.276NC506-5/83-1/4912
S-1350.362 4.276NC506-5/82-3/4912
E-750.362 4.2765-1/2 FH73-3/41012
X-950.362 4.2765-1/2 FH73-3/41012
G-1050.362 4.2765-1/2 FH73-3/41012
S-1350.362 4.2765-1/2 FH7-1/43-1/21012
25.60 IEUE-750.500 4NC506-5/83-1/2912
X-950.500 4NC506-5/83912
G-1050.500 4NC506-5/82-3/4912
S-1350.500 4NC506-5/82-3/4912
E-750.500 45-1/2 FH73-1/21012
X-950.500 45-1/2 FH73-1/21012
G-1050.500 45-1/2 FH7-1/43-1/21012
S-1350.500 45-1/2 FH7-1/43-1/41012
5-1/221.90 IEUE-750.361 4.7785-1/2 FH741012
X-950.361 4.7785-1/2 FH73-3/41012
G-1050.361 4.7785-1/2 FH7-1/43-1/21012
S-1350.361 4.7785-1/2 FH7-1/231012
24.70 IEUE-750.415 4.675-1/2 FH741012
X-950.415 4.675-1/2 FH7-1/43-1/21012
G-1050.415 4.675-1/2 FH7-1/43-1/21012
S-1350.415 4.675-1/2 FH7-1/231012
6-5/825.20 IEUE-750.330 5.9656-5/8 FH851013
X-950.330 5.9656-5/8 FH851013
G-1050.330 5.9656-5/8 FH8-1/44-3/41013
S-1350.330 5.9656-5/8 FH8-1/24-1/41013
27.70 IEUE-750.362 5.9016-5/8 FH851013
X-950.362 5.9016-5/8 FH8-1/44-3/41013
G-1050.362 5.9016-5/8 FH8-1/44-3/41013
S-1350.362 5.9016-5/8 FH8-1/24-1/41013

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