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Product Introduction
Stop Collars keep centralizers and other casing attachments in place on the casing. Stop collars are available in hinged and slip-on styles and can fit 23/8- to 30-in.-size pipe.Finemade can supply a range of stop collar options to suit any centralizer application. All collars are tested in accordance with API 10D II recommendations.


Features of hinged stop collars include:

●The hinged stop collars, when properly installed can hold up to 7,000 lb. of force.

●The hinged stop collar can be easily installed to casing.

●Friction stop collar are used adequately when the condition of the well is normal.

●Hinged set-screw stop collar are used for increasing holding force. It is first places and centered on the pipe. Then through the open hinge, a nail is installed, followed by tightening the set screw uniformly.

These are specifically designed to hold up to 15,000 lb of force.

Features of slip-on stop collars include:

●Onto the end of casing, slip-on set-screw stop collar is slipped to the desired location, up to the top of the joint.

●Slip-on set-screw stop collar are then tightened around 35 ft-lbf.

●The force that slip-on set-screw stop collar can hold is up to 20,000 lb.

●These are specifically designed foe the installation of cement baskets and different designed centralizers as well as for close-tolerance liner jobs and are available in all casing sizes.



>>Self lock in pings

>>Low budget

2.Set Screw

>>Easy installation

>>1/2" set screws

3.Spiral Nail

>>Quick installation

>>Spiral nail design

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