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Product Introduction
Shandong Finemade Petroleum Machinery Equipment LLC has full line of onshore rigs and parts for your well drilling, workover, flushby, and pulling services. We have good partnership with the lead rig manufacturers in china, to get finished rigs with short lead time and competitive proposal for our customers.

●Drilling & Workover Rigs: 250HP~2000HP, Truck Mounted, Trailer Mounted and Skid mounted rigs are optional for your different services.

●Water Well Drilling Rigs, Flushby unit and Pulling Unit are available to meet with your special requirements.

Models for Drilling rigs

Drilling Rig Model ZJ10 ZJ20ZJ30ZJ40ZJ50ZJ70
Drilling Depth (m)500~1,0001,200~2,000 1,600 ~3,0002,500 ~4,0003,500 ~5,0004,500 ~7,000
Max. Hook Load (kN) 6001,3501,8002,2503,1504,500
Drawwork Power (kW)110~200335~510410~710746~11201,100~1,4921492~2240

Models for Workover rigs

Workover Rig Model XJ150 J250 XJ350 XJ450 XJ550 XJ650
Workover Depth (m)   - 2,6003,2004,5005,8007,000
Max. Hook Load (kN) 5856759001,1251,3501,470
Drawworks Power (hp) 150250350450550650

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