Logging Cable / Heating Cable

Product Introduction
We designed the outer armor structure as fan-shaped, which greatly reduced the gap between the armored steel wires. Sealant was applied between the inner and outer armor layers to make the inner and outer armor layers form a closed structure. The inner armor is composed of round steel wire to leave a gap and to apply sealant to increase the adhesion between the armor layers. The friction area of wireline can be effectively increased by fan-ring design. The wear resistance is improved and the cable service life is extend indirectly. Meantime abnormal damages caused by “skip steel wire" and "bulging" can be avoided.

Features of sealed load-bearing detection cable

(1)The outer armor layer adopts a fan-shaped steel wire. The cross-sectional area is increased compared with a round steel wire, and the carrying capacity of the cable is improved.

(2)The outer surface of the cable is smooth and wear-resistant. Circular structure protect the cable from being blocked and stuck in using process.

(3)At the same time it can reduce the entry of liquid corrosive substances into the cable to prevent the internal corrosion and make sure the tensile strength is perfect. Service life of the cable will be extended accordingly. And, of absolute importance, it can effectively prevent the oil in the well from overflowing to the ground, which is helpful to protect the environment.

Performance comparison between conventional cable and sealed cable

ItemConventional CableSealed Cable
Structure Chart
ConductorAnaerobic Copper Wire· Copper Wire Imported from Chile
Polypropylene Insulation ResistanceMade in ChinaQuantum LLC, Made in USA
Fluoroplastic InsulationMade in ChinaDaikin, Made in USA
WirelineMade in ChinaImported from Japan
Conductor DC ResistanceIndustry Standard<Industry Standard
Polypropylene Insulation Resistance200MΩ.km2000MΩ.km
Fluoroplastic Insulation Resistance500MΩ.km5000MΩ.km
Tensile Strength of Wireline1880MPa1910MPa
Tensile Strength of CableIndustry Standard120% Industry Standard Value
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