Automatic Tank Cleaning

Automatic Tank Cleaning

Auto-Matic Tank Cleaning

Product Introduction

Automatic mechanical tank cleaning machine for large oil tanks was developed by our company based on years of experience in cleaning large oil tanks. The equipment consists of three systems: mechanical cleaning system, safety assurance system, and logistics maintenance system:

1. The mechanical cleaning system is the main equipment and core equipment for performing oil tank cleaning, including: vacuum suction pump set, heat exchange cleaning pump set, 3D injection unit and pipeline valve group.

2. The safety assurance system is to ensure that the cleaning process is in a safe environment, including: inert gas generator, compressed air unit, flammable gas oxygen detector, toxic gas detector, etc.

3. The logistics maintenance system has the replenishment and maintenance function to ensure the normal operation of the whole system equipment, including: generator set, steam generator, explosion-proof command room, explosion-proof communication, explosion-proof lighting and explosion-proof tools, etc.

The main advantages of COW crude oil storage tank mechanical cleaning system:

1. Crude oil recovery rate is high.

The COW method can recover the oil in the sediment to the maximum extent. The recovery rate can reach 98%. The remaining sediment, like iron rust, mud and sand, cannot be washed mechanically and will be removed manually.

2. Tank cleaning cycle is short, and the stopping time is short.

COW system mainly uses mechanical cleaning method. It is not affected by the amount of deposit in the tank, the size of the tank and the weather. So the efficiency is high and construction period is short. While the manual cleaning is greatly affected by these above aspects. With the amount of sediment in the tank increasing, the cleaning period is also increased significantly.

3. The sediment in the tank is not heated directly by steam or hot water, so the quality of the crude oil is not affected.

The traditional manual tank cleaning method uses a large amount of steam. The steam directly contact with the condensate, so that condensate melts. The light components are lost, so the quality of crude oil are destroyed. Using COW method, the sediment is impacted by light cleaning oil, through the process of dilution, dissolution, and diffusion, the crude oil is recovered. And in the recovered crude oil, the sediment is not formed in a short period of time, the water content is not increased, the wax content is reduced, and no sand or sundries is contained.

4. Less personnel are required. It is a more safe method.

COW system uses an inert gas to control the concentration of oxygen and flammable gases in the tank, avoiding the hidden trouble which is maybe caused by static electricity generated by high-speed nozzle jetting. After the cleaning process is completed, the inspection and maintenance personnel can enter the tank for the maintenance work. For manual tank cleaning method a large amount of personnel are required to move sediments in the tank with high concentration of oil and gas, which is likely to cause danger.

5. No environmental pollution.

The COW system does not discharge contaminated oil outward. After the contaminated oil is separated through the oil-water separation tank, the is recycled as a cleaning medium, and the separated oil is recovered. Using traditional method because of the heating of the crude oil, a larger amount of oil and gas will volatilize. And the abandoning sediment can cause environmental pollution.

6. Good cleaning effect.

The COW system uses crude oil as the cleaning medium. Because the crude oil is rich in light components, it washes the tank like a solvent. Under certain conditions of temperature, pressure and flow, COW method can ensure that the the dead corner is cleaned, and the metal surface is uniformly exposed.

7. Obvious comprehensive economic benefits.

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