Oil Storage Tank Mechanical Cleaning Jet Washer

Oil Storage Tank Mechanical Cleaning Jet Washer

Auto-Matic Tank Cleaning

Product Introduction

Structural composition:

The jet washer is composed of a driving part, a liquid flow part and a rotating nozzle part.


The jet washer can adjust the cleaning angle according to the requirements of the site. At the same time, there are automatic mode and semi-automatic mode to choose from.

Working principle:

The jet washer provides power through compressed air, drives the air motor to rotate, and drives the nozzle of the jet washer inserted into the tank through gear transmission, and can be manually adjusted according to the cleaning requirements. The jet washer nozzle can bundle the cleaning liquid supplied by the pump to maintain a more stable flow rate and greater impact force, and the spiral cleaning trajectory of the cleaning machine can cover the cleaning tank in all directions, so that the residual oil of the tank wall is fully stirred and dissolved, which is beneficial to the recovery of the residual oil and achieves the effect of thoroughly cleaning the oil tank.

The main parameters:

Machine quality(Kg)5046
Total Long(m)3.223.21
Effective length(m)2.362.28
Nozzle length (mm)315370
Maximum insert outer diameter (mm)Φ71Φ77
Inlet port3’’3’’
Nozzle diameter (mm)Φ52-φ62Φ48-φ58
Elevation angle per turn1.3°1.3°
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