Drilling Swivel

Drilling Swivel

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Swivel/Drilling Swivels/Swivel (drill rig)

Product Introduction
Swivel is a device joining two parts so that one or both can pivot freely. Drilling Swivel is one of the main components that make a Rotary System superior to the ones that don’t have one. The swivel is the most important part of the entire rotary drilling system. The swivel is supposed to transfer the water at very high speed through the stem of the drill all the way leading to the bit. This helps both in cooling and lubricating the bit while the drilling process continues through the flushing and forcing of the cuttings straight away out of the borehole. Swivel has two categories, common swivel and double duty swivel. Double duty swivels are common swivels combined with spinners. Finemade provides swivels meeting with API Spec 8A.

It consists of two main parts:
(1) non-rotating –cast steel body with load carrying bails, pins and roller bearings
(2) rotating –"T" mandrel and wash pipe.


●The wash pipe and packing assembly are cartridge type and can be replaced on the floor without disconnecting the rotary hose and/or gooseneck.

●The gooseneck is provided with an outlet for wire line logging.

●Offer 4" hose connector conforms to API spec.

●Swivels conform to API Spec 8A and are granted to use API monogram.

●Expendable parts have good interchangeability.

Technical Data

ModelSL120SL135 SL160 SL225 SL450 SL675
Max. Static Load lb kN51000/
Max. Speed r/min300300300300300300
Max. Working Pressure MPa psi21 / 300021 / 300035 / 500535 / 500535 / 500052 / 7500
Stem Dia. mm54 / 2.1364 / 2.175 / 376 / 2.9975 / 3102 / 4
Connection TreadStem4 1/2”LH 4 1/2”RED,LH 4 1/2”RED,LH 6 5/8”RED,LH7 5/8”RED,LH 8 5/8”RED,LH
Kelly3 1/2”RED,LH 6 5/8”RED,LH 6 5/8”RED,LH 6 5/8”RED,LH 6 5/8”RED,LH 6 5/8”RED,LH
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) mm1898×628 ×7222291×638 ×6482400×675 ×7102600×780 ×6503015×1096 ×8603775×1240 ×1406

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