Rotary Table

Rotary Table

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Rotary Table(drilling rig) Rotary Table Drilling

Product Introduction
A Rotary Table is a piece of equipment used in drilling to spin the drillstring to enable the drilling of a bore hole. It is located in the centre of the drill floor, and allows the drillstring to pass through. Rotary tables play an important role in the performance of drilling and workover service.  

Rotary table is provided with high reliability and serviceability. Its structure has been designed to provide maximum strength to ensure larger load, increased safety and well-fit between bearings and gears. The table assembly was greatly simplified so it can be installed into the rotary housing and is easy to maintain. Finemade rotary tables meet the requirements of various drilling operations and work environments.


▪Meet the API7K requirements

▪Two selective, uni-directional and independent locking devices

▪Physically interchangeable with similar size tables

▪Design of input shaft assembly is a cylindrical structure, which is easy to install and disassemble

▪Effective lubrication and reliable seals are provided by design. Double labyrinth style sealing for optimal mud/oil isolation

▪The pinion and gear are made of alloy steel

▪The master bushing for rotary table is made from a steel casting

▪Pin transmission type is suitable for API standard square or hexagonal Kelly roller bushing

▪The rotary table adopts spiral bevel gear drive, with higher loading capacity and running smooth

▪The gears and bearing adopt splash lubrication,simple and reliable

▪The input shaft is a cylinder structure ,convenient to servicing

Standard Accessories

▪ Bit breaker adapter plate

▪ Lifting slings for master busing and API insert bowls

▪ API insert bowls #1, #2 and #3

Technical Data

Table Openingmm444.5520.7698.5952.51257.3
Center Distancemm11181353135313531651
Max. Static Load CapacitykN13503150450058507250
Max. Table TorqueNm1372922555274593236237000
Max. Table Speed
Gear Ratio
Dimensions (L×W×H)mm19352292239224683693
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