Deadline Anchor

Deadline Anchor

Well Drilling & Testing

Weight Indication System/Drill Line Anchor

Product Introduction
The deadline anchor is used to tie down the drill line and provide accurate weight measurements suspended from the top drive, i.e. hook load. The wire drum attached to the anchor is designed to rotate during a slip-and-cut procedure. Deadline Anchors from Finemade offer industry-leading load capacities and are designed and monogrammed per API 8C specifications.

A rotating drum is used to efficiently slip drill line by optimizing safety and reduce down time. Full line of all-weather, quality-built deadline anchors pull capacities from 30,000 to 120,000 pounds. Constructed with top-quality steel and proof-tested to 120% of rated capacity, Finemade deadline Anchors are highly accurate, super-strong anchors of exceptional reliability.


●Designed for ease of service and maintenance.

●Various models to accommodate common wire line sizes from 5/8 to 1-7/8 inches.

●Adjustable wire outlet direction for both floor and derrick leg mounting.

●Dual strain gauge in load cell.

●Handy service pocket.

●Rotatable drum to minimize wear and tear during slip-and-cut.

●Various models available for deadline loads up to 200,000 pounds

●Custom-made deadline anchors are also available.

Safety Benefits

●Provides a safe handling distance from the unit.

●All drum surfaces are machined to extend wire rope life.

●No chance of line jumping or crossing.

●Bit weight indicator uses a 4:1 sensitivity movement to provide a highly accurate indication of bit weight.

●Easy to use, especially with larger wire rope.

●Anchors are designed and tested for high strength, long life and exceptional accuracy.

Technical Data

Type JZ900 JZ700 JZ500 JZ500A JZ400 JZ400B JZ250 JZ200 JZ150A JZ150 JZ100 JZ60 JZ40
Anchor Type JZG72 JZG60 JZG42 JZG41 JZG35 JZG34A JZG24 JZG20 JZG18A JZG18 JZG15 JZG10 JZG10A
Form of Primary Instrument Horizontal Vertical Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Horizontal Straight pull Horizontal
Max.Deadline load(kN) 720 600 420 410 350 340 240 200 180 180 150 100 100
Number of Lines 1412 1412 1210 1210 12108 1210 12108 1086 1086 10*86 1086 864 64
Load(kN) 100808640 84007200 50404200 49204100 420035002800 40803400 288024001920 200016001200 180014401080 180014401080 15001200900 800600400 600400
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