Wellhead & Well Control Equipment

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Product Introduction
BOP equipment (Blowout preventer) is used to control oil and gas wells to prevent blowouts. It is one of the most equipment for well control equipment. Finemade can supply different kinds of BOP, which works well in various conditions including low temperature, high temperature and high content of sulphur. Finemade provides many types of BOP for customers to choose. The bore hole size of our BOP products range from 65mm (2 9/16’’) to 762 (30’’), and the pressure grades range from 3.5MPa (500psi) to 140MPa (20000psi). The bodies are made by casting or forging with locking mechanism by manual or hydraulic operations. The rubber sealing parts used in our BOPs have the features of good resistance to low temperature, high temperature and hydrogen sulfide.

1. Annular BOP

Annual BOP consists of the body, upper housing, dust-proof ring, piston and packing element etc. It can seal all kinds of kelly, drill pipe, tool joint, drill collar, casing and cable, etc., and it can also completely shut off and seal the wellbore when there isn’t any drilling tool in the well hole. This BOP, when using accumulators, can allow the 18°/35° non-fine threaded tool joint pass through to carry out snubbing operation.

Technical Data

Dimensions(outer diameter * height)1490*1250 mm
Weight 6293kg
Bore size179.4mm (7 1/16’’)
Rated working pressure70Mpa (10000psi)
Closed string recommend hydraulic control working pressure≤10.5Mpa (≤1500psi)
Hydraulic control pipeline interfaces threadsNPT1
Temperature GradeT20 (-29°C- +121°C)
Open cavity volume(one)27L
Close cavity volume(one)36L
Sealing range 0-179.4mm

All sizes:

Bore (inches)7-1/1691113-5/820-3/421-1/4
Working Pressure (psi)30005000300050003000500010000300050001000030002000
Operating Pressure (psi)150015001500150015001500150015001500150015001500
Gallons to Close4.924.577.2311.051118.6730.5823.523.5840.1643.431.1
Gallons to Open3.433.215.038.726.7814.9524.6714.6717.4132.6426.918.9
Width (inches)292935-1/24039-7/844-3/45746-3/85064-1/254-1/852-3/4
Height (inches), Studded Top, Flanged Bottom29-1/830-7/832-1/236-1/232-7/841-1/25340-11/1644-15/1658-3/448-7/1652-1/2
Weight (lbs),Studded Top, Flanged Bottom29003175477568005825955023000910013650324751460015100
Ring GasketR-45R-46R-49R-50R-53R-54BX-158R-57BX-160BX-159R-74R-73

2. Ram BOP

The Ram BOP can be used to quickly seal the top of the well to prevent blowouts in workover and drilling operations. A ram blowout preventer consists of two halves of a cover for the well that are split down the middle.

Ram BOPs supplied by Finemade have several features. The main pressure-containing parts, such as the body, bonnet, etc., are made of high-strength and high-toughness alloy steel material. All parts are processed through proper heat treatment. The bonnet is connected to the body by hinge which can be opened manually to replace the ram assembly. The special designed floating ram sealing structure can reduce the resistance during the ram opening and closing, extend the ram duration time by reducing the packer wear etc., and can be dismantled easily.

API 16A Single Ram BOP

Rated working pressure (psi)30005000
Nominal diameter (in)7 1/167 3/8
Strength pressure test (psi)60007500
Oil cylinder working pressure (psi)1200-15001200-1500
Piston stroke (mm)100100
Metal temperature class-29~121℃-29~121℃
Nonmetal temp. class-18~121℃-18~121℃
Oil cylinder closed chamber volume2 x 1.75L2 x 1.75L
Oil cylinder open chamber volume2 x 1.50L2 x 1.50L
Ram closed interval(s)<15<15
Ram specification2 3/8” 2 7/8” 3 1/2” 4 1/2” blind ram2 3/8” 2 7/8” 3 1/2” 4 1/2” blind ram
Bolt quantity and diameter12-M30 x 3 x 21012-M36 x 3 x 230
Ring gasketR45R46
Dimension(mm)1350 x 380 x 6381350 x 395 x 656

API 16A Double Ram BOP

Specification of LWP, LWS, SL/SLX Ram BOP

Bore (inches)7-1/1691113-5/820-3/421-1/4
Working Pressure (psi)500010000300050003000500010000300050001000030002000
Length (inches)58-1/4796079-1/872-5/889-1/4122-3/4130-1/4130-1/4128-3/4127-1/2127-1/2
Width (inches)21-1/23021-1/223-1/1625-15/1628-3/438-9/1640-3/440-3/443-1/1641-1/440-7/8
Height (inches), Single, Stud x Stud 1522-7/811-1/814-1/214-1/219-1/223-1/217-1/417-1/42823-1/823-1/8
Height (inches), Double, Stud x Stud26-3/436-5/82229-1/229-3/83340-7/834344649-1/444-7/16
Weight (lbs), Single, Stud x Stud13855550117028702116415011100840088001320074487285
Weight (lbs),Double, Stud x Stud 250499002200575040967725205601535015620234001461514455
Gallons to Open1.182.340.682.271.452.6274.464.4610.524.464.46
Gallons to Close1.452.720.772.581.742.989.455.445.4410.585.075.07
Closing Ratio5.45:17.11:14.5:15.57:15.45:15.57:17.11:15.54:15.54:17.11:15.57:15.57:1

Specification of Type U Style Ram BOP

Bore (inches)7-1/161113-5/820-3/421-1/4
Working Pressure (psi)50001000030005000100001500030005000100001500030002000
Length (inches)747495.2596.2596.25124112.13112.13114.13139143.69143.69
Width (inches)20.2520.6325.1325.1325.753229.2529.2530.2539.539.5239.52
Height (inches), Single, Flange x Flange27.530.5629.0634.3135.6944.8131.3133.8141.6953.6940.5637.9
Height (inches), Double, Flange x Flange44.1948.6349.2554.555.8869.7553.3855.8866.6381.7566.1362.75
Weight (lbs), Single, Flange x Flange28003550530056006400103007200770010300237001365013250
Weight (lbs), Double, Flange x Flange520064009900102001130018400143001480018400432502555025150
Locking Screw Turns (Each End)181827272732323232454646
Gallons to Open1.
Gallons to Close1.
Closing Ratio6.9:16.9:17.3:17.3:17.3:19.8:17.0:17.0:17.0:110.6:17.0:17.0:1
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