Mud Mixer

Mud Mixer

Solid Control Equipment

Drilling Mud mixer/ Mud Mixing Hopper

Product Introduction
Jet mud mixer(mud mixing hopper) is the equipment to match with the drilling solids control equipment, regularly used to mix and adjust the proportion of drilling fluid, changing the density and viscosity etc. It has a more excellent operation if being matched with shear pump, and also can be designed as double jet mud mixer as the clients’ requirements.

Mud mixing system is used in the fields of oil exploration, horizontal directional drilling, coal bed methane exploration, and shale gas development etc. Finemade mud mixer is scientifically designed to be the optimal solution for mixing of both mud bulk material and mud additive chemicals into the drilling fluid.


√Venturi type drilling mud mixing hopper

√Vortex type mud mixing hopper


●The mud mixing efficiency is five times higher than the ordinary mud mixing device

●Reduces labor cost for five times, improving the production efficiency

●Possesses the functions of both mud mixing and mud storage

●Complete “dust-free” mixing of materials from surge tank and sack slitting machine

●High mixing capacity

●Able to handle high back-pressure

●Economical, simple, robust, reliable and wear-resistant

●Easily interchangeable jet nozzle

●Meets all relevant offshore requirements regarding health, safety and environment

●Built with materials and surface protections to withstand rough offshore environments

●Field-proven technology

Technical Data

Jet Mud Mixing Hopper Unit Technical data

ModelCapacity(m3/h)Pressure (Mpa)Motor (Kw)Inlet (Inch)Outlet (Inch)Weight (Kg)Dimension L×W×H(mm)

Mud Mixing Hopper Technical data

SLDSB0.25~0.4Mpa500-1500 GPM40mm6 Inch6 Inch174Kg1100×680×949mm
SLDMB200-500 GPM20mm4 Inch4 Inch113Kg850×570×851mm
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