Mud Gun

Mud Gun

Solid Control Equipment

Drilling Fluid Mud Gun/ Solid Control System

Product Introduction
A mud gun is designed for use in a solids control system of a drilling rig. It is a tool which is mainly used for mixing drilling mud in the circulatory system and to prevent the mud from precipitating. The structure of equipment is simple offering flexible operation and easy use.The mud gun is used to jet the high-pressure drilling fluids inside the mud-tanks, in the bit to avoid the deposition of solids at every corner of the pump inlets and mud-tank.

By rotating the wide angle, the mud can be adjusted according to the need. The jet nozzle used in the mud gun, is both wearable and replaceable. The tool is also used to shift the drilling fluids from one compartment to another such as for trip tank compartment.

Furthermore, it is usually used together with mud agitator, which is used in the middle of the tank while the mud gun is placed in the corner of the tank.

The number of mud gun depends on the size of the tank. Usually a mud gun is installed with mud line of the mud tank. According the inlet pipe size, there are 2’ mud gun and 3’ mud gun for option. As per different structure features, there are two types of mud gun: fixed mud gun , and rotary mud gun.


●Optional high pressure and common pressure.

●Swiveling type and fixed type. Rotation degree up to 360°mix mud complete without blind area.

●Simple design and compact.

●Adapts better according to certain working condition.

●1 or 3 nozzles for option.

●Easy to operate and maintain. Low cost.

●Highly effective for reducing the amount of solid buildup in tank corners.

●Produce flow currents, which boost fluid movements and aid in the suspension or mixing of particles.

●Can create an alternate product flow when used in conjunction with agitators.

Technical Data

Working Pressure≤6.4 Mpa
Rotation Degree360°360°
Nozzle Qty3
Gun Diameter2 Inch3 Inch
Connection SizeG2''G2''G3''G3''
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